Chasing dreams has been my forte since I can remember.

I was  2 when I decided I wanted to be a pro skier. I was 8 when I decided I would go to college in Colorado. I was 16 When tele skiing caught my eye. 20 when the Telemark Free Skiing Circuit became my goal. Filming with my idol at 24. Moving on and creating my own project at 29. Finding my dream partner and getting the dream proposal at 30. Now here I am, 31 set to play out another one of my dreams.

It is one that has been a long time coming- beyond one slope, mountain, experience- rather omnipresent. Going on behind the scenes since the scene began unfolding. This idea that our experiences in nature, how we overcome, cower, flower, and grow is all an extension and an expression of our internal landscape.

This idea has been festering and even pestering me to give it a place to flourish and be expressed, explored, and shared.

So as I have done so many times before I began to set my dream in motion. I quietly schemed, slowly gathered resources, skills, certifications, and documentation. While simultaneously putting on the armor that is required when chasing ones dream.

After a year of quiet preparation the time has come.

I am 31 and own my own wellness guiding company, Inspired Summit Adventures!

Dreams are not confined to our minds, rather that is just where they are born. The dream comes alive in that first step you take towards achieving it, and once that motion is set into place, the potential is endless!

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