Single Track Mind: 5 Days Biking the North Rim of The Grand Canyon


It was the 2nd week in June and my phone rang, on the other end was an awesome opportunity to join a Western Spirit Cycling Adventure as a bike model/athlete.

It’s one of those things that I would never be able to find the time nor funds to do again. So (despite having just launched my own company) I quickly jumped at the opportunity.

Bekah Stevens, a friend and the photographer assigned for this mission, and I met late Sunday evening packed up my Tahoe with tents, sleeping bags, pads, headlamps, helmets, tons of bike clothes, camp clothes, and-can’t forget those camp suds for staying fresh out there. With a car full we headed south down I-15 to St. George.

We met the rest of the crew: Bruce, Henry, Travis, Dennis, and Rick Monday morning along with guides, Matt and Noah and headed to Arizona. There we would catch a section of the Arizona trail and find ourselves on some beautiful single track overlooking the giant crack in the earth known as The Grand Canyon.

We set up a two night base camp. Whiskey, great food and the rise of the Super Moon made the next morning quick to come. After some grub and some fine tuning of our bikes we hit the next 29 miles of trail.  Sweeping meadows, rolling hills, and some flowy backcountry single track brought us out and back to our campsite for one more night.

The next morning we packed up camp and headed north to meet up with the Rainbow Rim trail. I won’t get too carried away with the details, instead you can just check out the pictures and watch the video to see how spectacular the views and trail are.

What I will tell you is that that if you haven’t been, the Rainbow Rim is a must for any mountain biker and if you have the time and resources Western Spirit is the real deal!

Happy Trails!


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